So when I'm not taking photos for my amazing clients, I always have personal projects on the go. At the moment, I have a hush hush one on the go, which is really testing me out. So while I am out on my own personal missions, I like to test and refine new techniques, so that I can really give my clients something special. A while ago, I learnt of a technique known as the "Brenizer Method". This is a truly special technique that Ryan Brenizer, a NY Wedding Photographer developed, for squeezing Medium Format style images out of a DSLR (or another way to put it is $30,000 images out of a $1000 Camera. 

Now I did try this method with mixed success before, using my old Canon. But the technique requires merging of multiple images (learn about Ryan Brenizer and his technique in detail here) , and no matter which lens I used on the Canon, the results were hit and miss. Any sort of random detail in the background and the joins became obvious. I'd put this down to the lens distortion, and maybe if I'd applied more than the normal automatic correction when I started, it may have been different. Anyway, I decided to give it a go with the Fuji... after all, this has an even smaller sensor again, so the benefits could be massive! The outcome... 2 for 2. Fuji have put distortion correction right into the camera, so none necessary in post processing. The individual frames snapped together precisely..I can't find the seams!

Enough techno babble... Basically the technique means I can create huge images, with an amazing apparent depth...  

The first two images below aren't the best regarding setting to really see the extent of the effect, so I will be adding some more after my next big shoot (hopefully!), but have a look and see what I'm talking about!