Probably my first real self initiated project was my "Bruce's" collection. This collection arose as I was looking for a focus for my photography, as a way to make myself actively learn, and also to force me to find a photo to take, even when it didn't look like there was one there. When we think of landscape photography, it is usually the beautiful sunrises and sunsets that spring to mind, and even for a lot of photographers, it can be a struggle to think beyond the obvious. 

I didn't ever set out to hold an exhibition, or produce a photo book, this things just sort of happened as the project developed.  

The exhibition started in July, and will finish next week. While the prints have been exhibited, several of the ones on display have been sold, and I humbly thank those patrons who liked my work enough to buy a print. A large number of books have also been sold, and again, thank you to those who grabbed themselves a copy.  

Each of the prints on display were the 1st print  of a limited run, a maximum of 10 of each print will be made available in this set. The hardcover book has been done as a limited run of 60 copies, and so far we are over halfway there!  If you would like a copy, you'll need to go visit the guys at Bruce's, get yourself a coffee and grab a copy while you are there! 

If you have the book, and you are interested in other images from the Bruce's Collection, I can arrange almost any print type imaginable, just contact me to enquire. 

Next week when the remaining #1's leave Bruce's, they will be heading to a couple of different local establishments to go on display, so just keep your eyes open. 

Again, I want to thank everyone who has supported this exercise, whether it has been by purchasing prints, books, or just through giving me such kind feedback.