Right away I'll make this clear. This is not a review. I just had one of those moments today where I was incredibly grateful to be a Fuji shooter. If you want a nice clinical review, keep surfing. They're out there, and they'll give you the good, the bad and the ugly.

What I want to do is to share one of those moments when you walk away from the shoot and say to yourself, "Maybe I don't suck at this!" and give your little Fuji a pat like your dog and think "Good Camera! "

So I've already shared some X-Pro1 stuff, and I love that camera, but every photographer needs a backup, a spare body/ camera. If you don't you, can guarantee that that mean old Irishman, is going to lay down the law.

In the big scheme of things, I am eagerly awaiting the next in the X-Pro family. Knowing that it can't be far off, I decided that instead of getting an XE-1 or XE-2 (read Riley Josephs review on this awesome new X series camera here!) , I would get an x100s. It was on my shopping list anyway. What sold me on it as part of my kit was the size, the image quality (X-Trans 2, insert Homer Simpson "doughnuts….aaaargggghhh" drooling here) and the leaf shutter.

I love that shutter. I'm guessing that this was designed by a ninja. Silent, Swift and Effective! I expected quiet… I'd read the blogs… I should have known.. everyone remarked how surprisingly silent it was, but really, it blew me away! Ninja quiet! 

Then the speed! David Hobby and Zack Arias had both waxed lyrical about the power you get by coupling this shutter with a couple of speed lights. Normally, syncing at DSLR speeds of 1/200 (I know, tech speak for the non photographers), a flash just isn't effective in broad daylight…why bother say the "natural light" photographers. Well, crank your shutter speed up, and things get dark. Add a decent flash, and a leaf shutter, and suddenly you've got light again… but now its where you want it. 

So why bother? This is why! 


Locky Rankin defying gravity whilst I defy the sun!

…..midday sun, Fujifilm X100S f4, 1/1000, ISO200, internal ND, LumoPro LP180 at 1/1, 50mm, on a Syl Arena OCF canon ETTL 5m Cable…. take that sun!

Basically, I had nothing to shoot this afternoon, another shoot had fallen through, so I went for a walk armed only with that kit. Wandered up to a skate comp, where the winner offered to be my subject for a 5 minute impromptu play. No planning, no testing. Walk up, connect the gear, switch it on, get someone to point the flash at a point in space and wait for the skater…. As a mate of mine would say "BOOM!" 10 frames total, 6 keepers. Thankyou Fujifilm, LumoPro and Syl Arena, for producing awesome tools, not to mention David Hobby, Zack Arias and Joe McNally, for all the wisdom they impart for free on their blogs. These guys rule! They could be greedy and only share their knowledge when they're paid to, but they give it for free! You guys rock!