Sculpting with Light.

That's what I'm about. Thats what drives me, thats where I find my bliss in photography.

But really, what does that mean? What is that really about?

I suppose when you get right down to it, that is my method, that is how I would describe my style.

But my motivation, my aim, my story.... the purpose behind my portraiture is to reveal a persons character, to reveal their mood, their personality.

To do that I sculpt with light.

Why sculpture? why do I compare my photography to that art? not painting or drawing?

"Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it."

This is how I look at the space in which I photograph.. I place my subject in it, and I try to carve away at the darkness in such a way that as they are revealed to my camera, their character and mood becomes apparent.

I look at different environments the same way a Sculptor looks at different media. For me the studio is a block of pure flawless stone, where I can totally control what each flash of light will do, where I have total control over how the darkness is chiselled away. Shooting on location is sculpting from a flawed, cracked unpredictable rock, you have to study it carefully as you plan how you are going to reveal the person inside.

This is how I think about every image I create, and that is why I am sharing this, to give you an insight into the passion I have for creating images for my clients. Whether it is a model, a mum, a family or a CEO, I look at every image as if I am trying to reveal the statue inside, to reveal who they are.

I can sum this up in what I would call my "Vision Statement": 

I love to capture mood, emotion and true character in my images, I love to create images that are carved from light and shadow, that reveal the person hidden inside.

One of the most satisfying moments of my career so far in photography, was when I was chatting with a client about what I do. This client recently attended a beginners photography course that I help tutor at Watt's Camera Centre. We were talking about basically this subject, when she summed it up for me, saying that to her, what was most apparent about my work, was the way in which I captured emotion and mood. To hear someone sum up exactly what my whole drive is, so clearly was one of the greatest compliments I think I have received about my work. To me, it was a confirmation that my style is developing as an individual, and that I am heading in the right direction to get where I want to be.

Anyway, whats a photography blog post without a couple of images... And yes, you've probably seen them before, but to me, these images are some of my favourites, where the subject did emerge from the shadow, exactly how I wanted.....