The good old K.I.S.S principle....I love it.

So what am I on about? Well, basically, I decided last shoot to just go with one light, and one modifier. I wanted to strip the shoot down to minimums, and really see what I could achieve with just one light. How many different looks could I accomplish?

So, I headed back to the studio with some of the fantastic models from Vertueux again, and spent the day seeing what I could create.

So what was my modifier of choice for the day? Well, it is almost cheating, but I went with the 60" Photek Softlighter II (I got mine from Image Melbourne). This thing is like a swiss army knife of lighting... semi transparent umbrella, with a removable black outer, and a diffuser to boot... 

I used it in a variety of ways, mainly like a big Softbox, once or twice like a para, using the standard lighting set ups, Rembrandt, Broad, Butterfly, occasionally adding in a reflector for some fill, but I managed to spend the day with the other lights sitting in the corner.

Anyway, for me, it was a good to reinforce that you don't need a stack of lights and expensive mods to get results.

So for me, I must say, I love the Softlighter! I can see it as my "go-to" mod!

Judge for yourself!

Sheryl Lee @ Vertueux Management

Standard Rembrandt lighting, Softlighter with Diffuser

Brooke Overton @ Vertueux Management

Light overhead, Softlighter without Diffuser

Maddi Bohl @ Vertueux Management

Softlighter undiffused, from behind Camera left

Amy Haulman @ Vertueux Management

Softlighter, undiffused, on axis, high.

......btw, this is my absolute favourite from the shoot!