I've been a bit slack with the blogging of late, I've been keeping myself pretty busy, with paid work, practice, training and working "on" my business as opposed to "in" my business.

So I thought it was time to get back here and talk about some stuff.

Now, I've got a few blog posts churning around in my head, taking some semi coherent shape, and they include talking about some of the new stuff I've been doing, talking about where some of my personal projects are at (I've got an important update on the "Faces of Emotion" project!), and even just a little bit of talk about some gear I've had a chance to play with recently! (I know I know... gear posts, ergh! but heres where I stand on those... I am not a fan of gear posts that are either "Fanboi"/ my camera is better than your camera, because thats total BS, its about whats right for you, and so that leaves me with this final standing... I do believe that honest snippets of information about the good the bad and the ugly, are quite handy for people out there weighing up their options).

So enough of that. What I do want to talk about is some photographers that genuinely inspire me. Now inspiration is subjective, I may like a photographers work that you can't stand... guess what, thats perfectly okay. This isn't going to be an exhaustive list by any means, as with photography being so diverse, there are countless sources of inspirational work out there. 

I'm not even going to go into huge detail, what I want you to do is to go have a look for yourself. Go discover something you haven't seen before. Why they inspire me isn't the point, as its all subjective. I am pretty eclectic, so you will see a pretty wide scope of portraiture if you go take a look!



So good he only needs one name. Well actually his full name is Platon Antoniou. His collection "Power" had him photograph over 100 world leaders, from Obama to Mugabe and Gaddafi.

Chuck Close


Chuck Close is an artist who is most well known for his photo based paintings, both the photos and the paintings are works of art in their own right.

Recently Close did a series of portraits for Vanity Fair of celebrities on Polaroid... but not your little plastic camera, he used a giant 20x24 polaroid. Beautiful work.

Richard Avedon


Avedons work is iconic in its style. He would usually shoot straight on at his subjects, set against a plain white backdrop.

Gregory Heisler


Gregory Heisler. The photographers photographer. A man that instills fear in most of the big names out there today. His work varies in composition and structure, rules broken left right and centre, but always evocative. Also worth noting he managed to get banned from the White House after doing an iconic double exposure of George Bush Sr. His latest book "50 Portraits" is a must have in any portrait photographers library.

Annie Leibovitz


Amazing... fashion, portraiture... simply wow.

Joel Grimes


Joel is a commercial photographer who uses post processing to take a simple picture and create something beyond reality. His work is used extensively in advertising.

Glyn Dewis


Glyn is another artist who uses photoshop and post processing to take his images to another level. I love his ability to create an image that tells a whole story about the subject.

Dan Cripps


Located here in my home state, Dan is a 2 times Tasmanian Portrait Photographer of the year, and 2013 Runner up for Australian Portrait Photographer of the year. Now its not the awards that impress me, its Dan's focus, determination and humility. He is an artist and I am constantly in awe of his images.

Peter Coulsen


Australian Fashion photographer. I love Peters use of light, and the emotion it evokes.

Zack Arias


The bearded one. Whether it is in the studio, or out on location, Zack is one of those guys that will always produce an image that is above expectations. Calls it like he sees it, no BS in sight. Damn funny guy to boot.

Sean Archer


I dont know a lot about Sean, I found him on 500px, and instantly fell in love with his work.

Anton Rothmund


Again, someone I dont know much about, except his images are truly beautiful.


So there is is, a list of portrait photographers that inspire me everyday. Why is that important? because on those days I just can't get myself fired up, I take a few minutes, go look at their work, and get my head straight to go shooting. Go take a look and enjoy!