I'm obsessed with photography. You have probably already figured that out by now. But basically when I'm not shooting weddings, portraits, or other paid work, I like to be pushing myself a bit, and doing, well, more shooting.

Right now I've got one major personal project on the go, my "Faces of Emotion" project, and while this is stretching and growing certain photographic muscles, its not really about total free creativity. So even now, in the middle of a busy wedding season, and while I'm halfway through shooting the 100 people for that project, I needed something to ignite my creativity. And thats what happened.

About 3 weeks ago, I was talking to a friend who is currently in rehearsals for a major production of Evita, and she mentioned one of her co-performers, Matthew Garwood. Now for those of you outside of Australia, you may not have heard of Matthew (yet), but he hit the public eye here when he stepped out on stage in the Australian version of "The Voice". Now Matthew has a music theatre background, and has a classic tenor voice, which definitely blew everyone away as none expected that from a tank top wearing, tattoo covered boy from Tasmania. Matt did pretty well on the show, making it so close to the top spots as part of Ricky Martins team.

So to cut a long story short, straightaway I though Matt would make a great subject for a shoot, and I mentioned this to my friend. A few hours later, i received a message from Matt, saying he'd be very interested in a shoot. With both of us pretty busy, a tight timeframe gave us limited opportunities and a narrow window to shoot, so a concept was thrown together pretty quickly, a team assembled and a location sourced.

I'm going through a bit of a noir phase right now, I'm loving dark scenes, with concentrated light, and straightaway a local bar sprang to mind. "The Otis Room" is a very cool establishment, and after a couple of phone calls, the doors were opened and I was able to go take a closer look.

One quick recce, and I was sold. despite it actually being pretty brightly lit during the day, I knew I would be able to kill that ambient and give it a very dark look using my Elinchrom's just to light up what I wanted. I already had in mind the basic setups I wanted to shoot, and not only did "The Otis Room" fit the bill perfectly, but some of the decor fired up my creativity and a couple of new shots sprang to mind.

So the day came around, and I wasn't sure if I had bitten off more than I could chew. I had all the setups mapped out, all the gear I needed, a brilliant crew assembled, an awesome venue, but I had so many ideas in my head, it was going to be a challenge to get everything shot that I wanted to. I narrowed my list to some "must have" shots, and put the others in the "maybe" basket. If time allowed, we might hit a couple of them.

Anyway, for now enough blabber. Picture time.

Photographer: Ed Jones

Assistant: Meg Windram

HMUA: Allie Hill

Models: Kate Greaves- Sue Rees Modelling

              Matthew Garwood

Styling: Kate- Willow & Wolf, Matt- Himself!

Location: The Otis Room

Stay Tuned...theres a full BTS on all the lighting and gear coming for those interested!



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