Okay, so I'm looking for some people willing to sit infront of my camera for a personal project. This isn't for anything special other than helping me work some techniques out, and push my skills to the next level.

These are Editorial style portraits. Not shot in a studio, they aren't corporate headshots, they aren't beauty portraits. Basically, if you sign up, we will meet up somewhere. It maybe someplace that means something to you... a workshop, man cave, artists studio, beach, park, building. It could be with your favourite toy, car, bike, boat, aeroplane. You could be a mechanic, a musician, a dancer, a business entrepreneur. What I want are real everyday people, in real spaces. I want to create an image that tells a story. 

The resulting image is going to be totally my interpretation, and you will (if you want) get a copy of it. There will usually only be one photo from any session, and that will be the one of my choosing.

For me, I am going to be looking to put myself under strict limitations regarding what equipment I use. Basically, its only what I can carry in my hands. No big fancy lighting, just little flashes and a camera.

I will be posting these online, predominantly on Instagram, as well as a gallery on my blog. Tasmania only, as this will take a whole year, I will be able to shoot statewide.

So, If you are interested in being one of my 52, please fill out this form and register your interest. 



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