Beginners Photography Course -May 2019


Beginners Photography Course -May 2019


Its time to escape the Green Square! Over 6 weeks we will help you expand your technical knowledge and creative arsenal.

**Limited to 6 Students**

When: May 11th-June 15th, 10am-12pm

Where: Ed Jones Photography, 3 Alicia Court, Wynyard, Tas 7325

What to bring: Camera, something to write with, something to write on.

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This comprehensive course will help you overcome your fears and unleash your creativity by giving you the knowledge you need to start exploring your cameras capabilities, and free you to create the images that you want to.

The 6 weekly, 2 hour lessons, will cover the following subjects:

  • Camera basics- controls, functions, how cameras work.

  • The exposure triangle- Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO

  • Principles of composition- how to frame the image to tell the story you want.

  • Understanding White Balance and proper exposure.

  • Shooting better portraits and everyday photos.

  • How to make your flash photos better.

  • Types of Image file- What are RAW, JPG, NEF, CR.

  • Basics of printing your photos.