In my career as a full time, award winning wedding and portrait photographer, I have faced the same challenges as any photographer getting started in photography as a hobby or even as a career. Whilst there are many options for learning photography online, nothing beats learning in person in a hands on environment.

I offer a range of options for learning photography, whether you are just getting started with your new camera, or you want to take the next step and increase your knowledge and skills, I have something that will suit.

I offer everything from Beginners classes, to intermediate level workshops, and even one on one mentoring.

I focus my classes and workshops on my own strengths and skillset, and would love to share my knowledge with you to help make you a better photographer.

My Beginners class is a 6 week program, consisting of weekly 2 hour group classes. Whilst I call it a “beginners class” it is suitable for beginners or photographers of an intermediate skill and knowledge level. Each class is limited to 6 students so that everyone can get the assistance that they require, relevant to the level of their experience. I don’t offer single day, one off beginners classes, as in my experience, the best learning comes from building the skills and knowledge week by week, allowing time to consolidate each lesson before moving onto the next subject.

My stand alone workshops are designed to pick up where the beginners course leaves off, building more advanced skills and knowledge. I offer a range of workshops, from basic post processing, to studio portrait photography. In the future I will also be adding some wedding specific workshops, so stay tuned for those. Each workshop I consider to be the building blocks that have brought my career to where it is today.

My one on one mentoring is structured to the individual. You might be doing photography purely as a hobby, and you want to up your skills, or you might be looking to enter photography as a career, and want guidance on the best way to do that. Whatever the case, I can work with you to achieve your photographic goals.

Alongside being a photographer, I also had a 15 year career as a Flight Instructor, and I feel that the skills I learnt teaching the complex tasks required to be a commercial pilot equip me well to give my students the absolute best instruction in the craft of photography.

My current classes and workshops are listed below. Numbers for each class are strictly limited.

One on One Mentoring

I offer mentoring in blocks of 5x 1 hour sessions.

We can structure these sessions to suit your own personal photographic goals.

I will be releasing a new round of workshops soon, including my Beginners Course, Speedlight, Location Portrait, Studio Fundamentals and more. Stay tuned for details, or feel free to Contact me via the Contact Tab or my Facebook and Instagram pages. Ed