Workshop- Lightroom Basics (June 22nd)


Workshop- Lightroom Basics (June 22nd)


Learn how to efficiently organise your photo library, and how to use Lightroom for basic corrections and image enhancements.

**Limited to 4 Students**

When: June22nd, 10am-12pm

Where: Ed Jones Photography, 3 Alicia Court, Wynyard, Tas 7325

What to bring: Computer with Lightroom Classic installed, RAW files to work on, something to write with, something to write on.

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Adobe Lightroom is a powerful tool for organising and editing you photographs. With the tools available in Lightroom, there is very little need to delve deeper into the world of photoshop or advanced photo manipulation.

In this 2 Hour class we will cover:

  • Setting up an efficient catalogue for organising your photos.

  • Basic adjustments to make your photos really pop.

  • Advanced LR tools for extending your creativity.

  • Exporting for digital and print usage.