My Reading List

I've always been a voracious reader.

Usually Fantasy or Sci Fi. But at the moment, its all about the art. Pretty much everything I have read over the last year or so has been about taking photos, whether its been instructional or inspirational... Or often both. 

So what am I currently reading?

Right now, I've got about 4 books on the go, and another couple that I tend to pick up once or twice a week, just to help cement some things in my head.

So in no particular order, here is whats currently getting its pages turned (and yes, I mean pages... books are like photo's, they just aren't real unless you can hold them, touch them... e-books just don't quite cut it for me.

The Road to Seeing- Dan Winters. This is pretty much his autobiography, but amidst the tales of his extremely interesting journey are tiny parcels of wisdom and advice that actually pack a cruise missile punch. I'm not going to give anything away, you simply need to go buy it for yourself.

The Hot Shoe Diaries- Joe McNally. this is like getting to go out on location with the master of the small flash. Seeing how this man can make a speed light work will make your brain explode. seriously. If you want to learn the craft of speed lighting, this book is for you... get it and stop fumbling around in the dark! (pardon the pun).

Mastering The Fujifilm X-Pro 1- Rico Pfirstinger. basically the dummies guide to the X-Pro 1. If you have just jumped into the wonderful world of Fujifilm X, then Rico's books are a great way to get your head around the nuances of the gear.

Lighting For Studio Photography DECODED- John Fick. Basicallythis book is full of lighting recipes. The most inept chimpanzee could take this book and light a subject like a pro. OR, if you actually have a clue, you will take the examples that John provides, and be inspired to create your own amazing lighting. Its up to you, be a chimp, or be inspired, but this book is a handy way to get into strobes.

Creative 52- Lindsay Adler. Lots of ideas, lots of inspiration for shoots to get your creative juices flowing... That goes hand in hand with her "Fashion Flair for portrait and wedding photographers". A great pair of books if you want to get creative and add that little "something" to your work.

50 Portraits- Gregory Heisler. Much wow. Heaps admiration. Thats about as cohesive as I can get when thinking about this book. This man knows how to create portraits that are on a whole level that us mere mortals can only dream of. He's a rockstar in a bow tie and round glasses.

Mastering The Model Shoot- Frank Doorhoff. Just a good read. Frank covers a whole swathe of the things that you should know before you try and start collaborating with other professionals to make images. If you are like me, and have watched a few of his videos, you will probably be reading it with a dutch accent... or maybe thats just me...

Photography Q&A- Zack Arias. This is my regular read. Compiled from his Q&A blog, not only does it give good tips, hints and advice, but the way Zack writes, you feel like you are having a one on one conversation with him, so when he says (regularly) " go and shoot", you feel like you've just received a verbal KITA by one of the best. I love this book so much, its right at the top of my list. Get it. It will inspire, inform, encourage, and convict you all at once. in fact, I'd better finish this post quickly now as I'm already feeling guilty for the fact that I'm not actually taking photos right now.

Anyway, feed your heart and mind, get reading, get inspired, get informed, get shooting!